About Me


I will admit that About Me pages on blogs seem like a little overkill to me. In all honesty I would much rather you read my actual posts than waste your time with this unholistic, four-paragraph caricature of me.  However, now that you’ve wandered here, I guess I shouldn’t waste your time, especially if you came here hoping to learn a little about me.

Well, my name is Ariana Tse. I’m twenty years old, residing in Tempe, Arizona. I attend school at Arizona State University, studying Material Science, and I will admit that I am obsessed with my major and hope to pursue a Master’s or PhD in the future.  However, along with my major, I’m also pursuing minors in Engineering Management and Media Analysis, which I find just as interesting.

However, school is such an incredibly minuscule part of my life, and though I feel so much passion for my education, I wouldn’t feel nearly as complete without my love for writing, dancing, fashion, and makeup.

Writing has been a consistent passion of mine. Though I constantly seem to get tired of it, I always seem to come back, especially when I’m struggling mentally. I started writing poetry and performing slam early high school, delve into journal writing my senior year, and now here I am writing essays and creative nonfiction. Comedic creative nonfiction is currently my favorite genre to both read and write, hence my decision to start a blog, which I hope to fill with essays on a plethora of topics. While I plan to write about anything and everything that inspires me, I’m naturally inclined to write about psychological phenomena, philosophy, feminism, and relationships, so prepared to read tons of this.

Like I previously stated, dance, fashion, and makeup, are all passions of mine, so you may also find yourself reading about some of this here. My experience with dance is incredibly experimental. Most of my knowledge on dance in self-taught, however I have taken a few dance workshops and competed in a Bollywood Fusion dance team. While I love and respect all genres of dance, my natural inclination directs me to hip hop and stiletto dance. If you want to see videos, you may be able to find some on my Instagram. Along with dance, I also love fashion and makeup, which inspires to have some fashion blog posts here on the days where I would much rather keep my writing at a minimum. And yes, there are many days that I feel this.

Okay, well that’s all I want to write here at the moment. I may edit this later, considering that I’m not super content with this post, however I can’t guarantee that especially considering my incredible forgetfulness and laziness.